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Yogi Bear

Cast: Dan Aykroyd Justin Timberlake Anna Faris
Director: Eric Brevig Genres: Animation Region: AmericaRelease Date: 2011 Language: English Update: 04-22-2013
OS: iphone, ipad, android, mp4, windows Phone and surface


My Rating: 5.8 5.8
(Total: 1)

Movie Abstract

The film version of "yogi bear" story is still a yogi bear and Boo Boo tease, to avoid rival --Jellystone park keeper Smith (Ranger Smith).Jerry Stone Park is not only beautiful scenery of the tourist attraction, is on good many cute little animal habitat, but time flies, now Jerry Stone Park facing the sharp drop in visitors, poor management of the situation, and greed of mayor Brown (Andrew Daly decoration) decided to take this declared bankruptcy, the sale of land, the park this animal also faced major crisis of survival. For this plot, the park's animal yogi bear (voiced by Dan Ackroyd) and Bobo the bear (voiced by Justin Timberlake) must find a way to attract more visitors, to make the dead come back to life in order to save all the performance. Therefore, yogi bear joint has good Rachel (Anna Faris ornaments), together with the revitalization of the park and efforts, but Mayor Brown will not allow yogi bear so easy to defend the park......
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